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Cheyenne told me to update my livejournal...

So i am.

if life were sims then she would have gained 20 influence points.

Anyway, I've been learning a lot of acoustic songs lately. Five minutes ago i was playing fat and alone. I'm also attempting pop songs on acoustic guitar, just for kicks. I'm learning whatever you like.  I've been really sick. I was really sick today and tried to stay home but at like 9ish my mom started nagging about the house, so i went to school. When i got there i had to run the pacer, when we run back and forth until we can't anymore. I usually get around 40 laps, but today i only did 18 because by 10 i felt like i was gonna pass out. I pretty much felt like shit the whole day, but i hope tomorrow i'll feel better because i'm going to katlyn's house. 

My parents kept droping the "L bomb" on me. Where they talk about how lonely they are and  then get real sympathetic because i feel lonely all the time but their lonliness is 200 times worse. I mean all they have is eachother and they kind of don't like eachother haha. What kind of life is that? Though, i know there is much worce but when someone's down i think it's the most obnoxious thing to say "Hey, it could be worse" because that just makes you feel like a selfish fuck. heh. 

I haven't been writing much lately but i've been reading a lot. I'm reading a book called The Perks Of Being a Wallflower and so far it's a really really great book! I guess what make's it so good is the rare personality of Charlie. I catch myself writing like him right now actually, but he's so cute and he trys to do everything right. He's got an adorable writing style and a pure heart. He wants to be a writer when he grows up, he reads a lot, and sometimes it seems like he doesn't sin. He's an amazing character. If only there were people in the world like Charlie. Which again makes me hate this book, because there are SO LITTLE people like him. It's unrealistic. I do want someone to prove me wrong though. haha. I guess i like the Catcher in the Rye so much because everyone is like Holden. Everyone comes to a time in their life where they just hate the behaviors of people.

I'm going off in weird directions. Thanks Cheyenne for telling me to do this, cause at first i had no idea what i'd write about but look ^ 3 paragraphs. I feel like my brain just took a shower and it's clean of all those random thoughts. haha.

PS. i'm to lazy to spell check.

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You're welcome =]

Aww poor sick Cheryl ><
I just got over being sick again.
I hopefully am heading to Katlyn's today too, if my momm agrees.
I've been meaning to read that book, because everybody keeps telling me I should. I hope I'll enjoy it as much as you are.

Enjoy the brain shower,


xoxo Cheyenneeeee

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