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who spills mustard in the hallways?
My brain branches:

I suddenly feel very lonely and i don't know why.

It seems as if each day throws more questions at me and very few answers. Like the subject ^. That's a good fuckin' question, though i have a hunch it's an asshole that eats hot dogs by the lockers at lunch. I've been swearing a lot more lately. Honestly, it's just for unnecessary emphasis.

My spell check never gives me any suggestions. I spelled unnecessary like this ---> unnesessary and my spell check told me to figure it out myself. My computer enjoys making me look like a dumbass1. In the constant battle with me vs spelling, spelling always wins. I took a vocabulary test last week and i got every answer right except for the spelling of the words. That's ridiculous2.

I currently have a lisp and a toothache. Lisp because my orthodontist3 has added something new to my braces. It makes my right cheek get in the way of my molars and making my mouth not able to close all the way when speaking. In turn, giving me a lisp. I told my dad about this and he said that i should be glad i wasn't a boy with a lisp...I don't really see the difference.

My fish just sits at the bottom of his tank, he never swims around anymore...I think he's lonely4.

I don't think i could ever be a novelist. One: because there would be much to many spelling mistakes for my editor to catch and two: I constantly digress from the original topic. In The Catcher In The Rye holden talks about a speech making class that he failed and whenever someone would divert to a different topic the bastards in the class would yell "digression!" and they'd get an F. I'd fail that class so fast.


1:(Which is underlined in red and it suggests i put a space between ass and hole. Not gonna happen)
2: Which i spelled wrong on the first try.
3: I go to a place called "Gentle Dental" it's really ironic...
4: I can't buy another fish to go in the tank because this fish was given to me because it ate all the other fish in my friend's tank. If i could compromise with this fish and make an agreement that if i buy him a mate he can't eat her. My fish is nameless.

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We passed that Gentle Dental place today while driving around.

We were looking for food o.o

Is your fish one of those japanese fighter fish?

If so then they eat other ones >.<

My mom's ate her own babehs

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