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Holden Caulfield syndrome.
Nothings wrong. So why do I all the sudden hate everyone and everything?

Why do i constantly feel jaded and alone?

I need to stop acting like Holden Caulfield

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Do you have these episodes a lot? Because I'm bipolar, and periodically, I'll be fine one day and very optmistic and then the next day or so I'll be full of angst and hating everyone. Now, its hard to tell whether its Manic Depression or just teenage mood swings, but I've been evualated as having Bipolar Disorder.

I have up-days and down-days, on my up days Its almost like a sugar high, and I can't calm down or stop talking or stop being happy, and then the down days I am nearly suicidal.

Maybe you should go to a therapist or counselor and see if you have it, its very common.

Love you Cherly =]

I'm pretty sure it could be teenage mood swings or whateverthefuck but i do want to see a counselor. :/

Yeah, I didn't want to admit it but counselors do help, just getting it off your chest in general helps, =]

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