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 I've felt infinite a few times in my life. That feeling where you wouldn't mind the day or the moment would repeat forever. It's a little scary to think like that, but i've felt it many times before. I'm lucky.

2006: Spending New Years eve making a horor movie with Lauren & Alyssa
2007: Driving through New Jersey with my dad
2007: Walking to QFC with maddy & veronica to buy chalk
2007: Ice Skating in "The Mall of Asia" with my cousin in the philippines
2007: Seeing Gerard roll out on a stretcher at my first my chemical romance show
2008: With my arm around someone i just met singing and crying to Disenchanted live. 
2008: Walking home with Lauren
2008: Talking about Bob Bryar on the phone with Lauren
2008: "The Day at Maddy's house"
2008: Crazy Lactose
2009: Walking to the lake near maddy's house with Veronica, Alexis, and Maddy
2009: A trip to Seattle with Veronica, Lucas, and Blake.
2009: My 15th birthday
2009: A trip to Seattle with Veronica, Alexis, and Katlyn

These are the times in my life where i really felt like i belonged somewhere.


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