Writer's Block: More Island Time
Okay... i thought i wrote something here but it went away.

Book for pure entertainment: Nick & Norah's infinite playlist
Book to keep me sane: The catcher in the rye
Book i haven't read yet but need to: The perks of being a wallflower
Book that never gets old: The Outsiders
And a survival guide to living on a desert island.

GIBSON LES PAUL WHITE Pictures, Images and Photos

nneeeeeeeeed. <3

Can't find a partner / icarly / haiku
 So i guess i didn't need to use HTML. i was confused.

anyways, I'm still on the phone with veronica but we are discussing the awkwardness of "partners" in school. There are three senarios. One: Can't find a partner, Two: Having that clingy bastard that you hardly know that always wants to be your partner and you can't say no or else you become the bastard, Three: You see someone you want to be partners with but you're too awkward or they already have one. I won't go into it to much, you've all been there1.

SIDE NOTE. i'm watching icarly and it's the "first kiss episode". Sam just freaking leaves the webcast after she admits she's never kissed anyone, how can they just not finish the show?

I woke up from a
Long nap and now i won't be
able to2 later

1: Unless you're the unawkward charismatic kind.
2: sleep, damn those sylables.


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